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Loan Signing Intro/Prep for your Signers

Loan Signing Intro/Prep for your Signers

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This saves you time and energy! Imagine training your signers to understand the loan signing process before you even meet. They would essentially be on your side and ready to go every appointment! Streamline your notary transactions with our comprehensive 5+ Min video loan signing intro guide, designed to enhance your client interactions and optimize each appointment. Leverage the power of automation to save time and effortlessly convey crucial information to your clients. Easily share this informative video via email, text, or embed it directly on your website. It also allows your customers to easily find and affirm the information they want to see. After that, it's easy signing!

Key Benefits:

  • Prepared Signers: Give your clients the tools to prepare effectively before each appointment, minimizing potential liabilities arising from unpreparedness. They can also understand what matters in the documents and/or how to help make the signing seamless!

  • Essential Explanations:
    • Active IDs: Understand why active identification is crucial.
    • Document Verification: Ensure that identification matches the names on the document.
    • Complete Documentation: Emphasize the importance of fully completed documents.
    • Have an Understanding of Loan Signing Guidelines & Conditions: Teaches signers how to meet bank conditions and standards, further encouraging them to meet these guidelines for best processing and an easy close. 
    • Providing everyone with an easy Map to Essential Information:
      Allow the borrowers/signers to easily find information for themselves with directions to the Closing Disclosure, Note, Deed of Trust, & Settlement Statement. 

  • Creating a Positive Signing Atmosphere:
    • Diffuse Anxiety: Foster a conducive environment for signings by making clear you're all working together toward a common goal. 
  • Clarifying Notary and Signer Roles:
    • Notary Roles: Emphasize the notary's neutral witness role, ensuring document integrity without providing legal advice.
    • Signer Roles: Guide signers in providing ID, completing documents, and being ready for the appointment with questions answered or best directed toward their loan officer. 

  • Guidance to the Right Agency:
    • Transaction Questions: Direct clients to the loan officer or appropriate agency for any transaction-related inquiries.

Empower your notary practice with this instructional video, equipping both you and your clients for a seamless and successful transaction experience. As a signing agent that conducts loan signings, you'll find this to be an amazing tool that you can use by text, web, email, etc

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